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CRM Android Application

CRM Cheetah enables to manage the overall lead qualification process through which potential customers can engage onto sales to be converted into lead. With CRM Cheetah, leads can be captured and it can filter and distribute among sales team members so that they can easily keep a steady flow of fresh opportunities flowing into companies’ sales pipeline

Whether you want to synchronize, automate or organize any function of business, CRM Cheetah can do easily for you. It has many features that help business to capture market and make customers happy.

Application Features 

Lead Automation

With this feature, business can easily automate leads from the marketing campaigns. It offers dynamic and multi-channel projects to control the feature set. Lead Automation also provides opportunity to the business with closed deals.
Customizable Sales Cycle

Customization of sales cycle can be done with ease for utmost profit and return. Customizable Sales Cycle enables business to enhance business’s performance and deliver outcome in the form of a good customer relationship.

Social Network Integration

Open up opportunity of finding new customers, leveraging social engagement to launch new products/services among folks. It loads essential data in address book so business concentrate on other things instead of collecting customer’s data. 

Email Integration
Support third-party integration tool, including Email Integration to start work without any hassle. 

Data Segmentation
Segmentation of data into proper groups becomes easy so business can use and enjoy profitable outcome. 

Collaborative Agenda
Using integrated calendar and a single agenda, every employee can work without any error. Even, creating synergy and pushing deadlines also become easy for manager. 

Dashboard and Reports
Having appealing dashboard and unique reporting help manager to get business’s insights and make better decisions for it. It provides real-time report so making decision become quicker than before. 

Reasons to Download CRM Cheetah

  • Capture leads online and manages them through CRM Cheetah
  • Qualify leads to the next stage on the basis of information captured in lead details 
  • Providing Standard reports 
  • Customize lead management process, according to the business’s sale process 
  • Managing the leads' life cycle, from creating leads to converting into sales 
  • Export leads data to excel sheet 

Get ready to manage lead, opportunity and customer without any hassle with CRM Cheetah. Download and manage everything with Odoo CRM Cheetah app.