Field Atom Application

FieldAtom Android Application

FieldAtom is one of the best tools for field service management. It enables to provide visibility to your field service operations with an aim to enhance productivity, efficiency and ultimately, profitability. Whether you want to assign job to your employees or to get real-time update, FieldAtom handles every operation with ease.

Planning any task is not easy for single person as one should have to inform every single detail to the management. Here, FieldAtom becomes your companion to transfer every detail to the concern person. Importantly, it also provides real-time updates on any smart device.

Being Cloud based solution, FieldAtom is the future of all the industry types, offering basic to premium products. This real-time solution enable to track and log locations of every resources moving in the field and provide a pin point for each job location to avoid wasting unnecessary time to reach to the locations.

Application Features 

Mobile Application 

Reduce paperwork by providing real-time mobile work status through mobile application. It enables to organize technicians, capture field sales and service information in real-time or offline.

Job Management

Planning and dispatching field service technicians for services to deliver against their service promises.  
Job Scheduling

Avoid overlapping of resources by optimizing the job schedule process. It manages dispatching and routing workflows for better transparency. 


Manage customer receipts, supplier vouchers, invoices, tracking payments and tax management with different financial reports. It auto-generates different invoices for all Sales & Purchases with no manual efforts or data entry. 

Geo Tracking
Enables to track technician and customer location in real-time for easy dispatching
Whether it is email, notifications or SMS, FieldAtom streamlined communication channel. It also enables to send alerts in real-time push notifications. 
Enable to maintain inventory at optimum level to leverage maximum from it. It also maintains purchased stocks and stock issues with products serial numbers and assets.

FieldAtom – Why You Have?

Cost Controlling

Helps to maintain and control different operating cost throughout the process.

Operational Efficiency

Enable to know different customer needs and accomplish them through real time staff scheduling.

Increased Productivity 

Reduce time of delays by monitoring field work in real time. It enables to schedule and assign jobs. 

Ease your field service management with FieldAtom. It is integrated with many marvelous features such as cost controlling, job management, job management and so on.