HR Application

HR Hippo Android Application

HR Hippo application is designed to manage human resources activities, including collection of documents, timesheet, payroll and related information about organization. This application has a Kanban view for all the activities related to employees and enables HR departments to track all the activities of employees and organization with ease. 

HR Hippo application is all-in-one app that fulfills HR needs, by removing headache of arranging papers. Using this application doesn’t cost you anything. Moreover, this application could be used anytime, anywhere with just one-click to access.

This application is vital for all people, who are working in HR department as it contains features that make an organization a powerful one. The list of features is not limited to: Business Expense Management, Profile Updating, Leave Application and Leave Balance and so on. 

HR Hippo is designed to save time of individuals and companies on many HR tasks. It enables to managing different types of leaves and expenses, updating profiles, etc. into a single BYOD app running on your smart device. Using this application is very easy. Users just have to enter URL, email address and password and you are done. 

Application Features 

  • Features like managing profiles, applying for leaves and entering expenses as well as updating information are available for employees to access by their own. 
  • Options like Tracking of all the vacations and applying for leaves are available with this application 
  • Business Expense Management can be done with just few clicks. Human resource department can add employers’ expenses like related to visiting other cities, hotels booking and other into app. 

Make your HR related activities simple and easy to handle with HR Hippo application that tracks employees and organization’s activities. Download and Install this FREE HR Hippo App today!