Project Management Application

Project Panda Android Application

Whether you’re new project manager or an expert, Project Panda becomes your companion to manage your Projects, Tasks and Issue with few taps. Project Panda application for Odoo Project tracks and manages the project’s development. It also handles issues that emerge in the course of the planning.

This application can be used by individuals and businesses to assign task for successful completion. Project Panda is a choice for many people and business due to its impressive features. So, download and manage without any hassle.

Application Features 

Activity Planning

This feature enables team to focus on the task. It also enables to choose resources and team member to accomplish activity or task. With activity planning feature, you can divide the whole project among employees, allocate resource for the tasks, assign durations, etc.

Cost Analysis

Users can easily analysis cost of project on the basis of complexity and the nature. It provides a rough estimate for the project’s expenditure.  

Resource Allocation

Project managers or team leaders can easily allot resources, i.e. time and money which required spending when integrating definite features of the project.  

Task Based Billing

Leverage the task on the basis of billing option to build trust among clients. It also ensures growth for the client and the project team.

Provide real-time tracking of all the activities in the project.

Budget Management

Offering the right tools for users to allocate costs connected with some task. Transparency is its main motto.

Gantt Charts

Enables team to track project’s progress. This charts represents the lingua Franca of time management and project management and used for almost all projects.  

Project Insights Analysis

Getting project’s insight is necessary to complete it successfully. It helps team to work together and also enable them to make future plans for the project.

Why You have Project Panda App? 

  • Allow to discuss work with team members on the go
  • Create, assign, and schedule tasks without wasting time 
  • Adjust the project timeline on the Gantt chart to avoid misunderstanding
  • Check due project information 
  • Produce reports project progress
  • Record time spent on project  

Project Panda is a project management app with a list of fabulous features, including activity management, cost analysis, budget management and so on. Download and make your management easy.