Sales Application

Sales Android Application

Sales Stallion for android is FREE application for sales department to create Offline Quotations for sales. Many different activities have to do by sale departments and thus, Sales Stallion application helps to complete their complex tasks with ease. No matter, whether you have to deal with huge sales figure or looking to detailed report about sales to track, this application fulfills all your requirements on the spot.

Sales Stallion application enables users to open new opportunities for business by streamlined information and improve sales process. This application is also helpful for developing new potential connections, enhancing the scope of profit. Interestingly, this app can also be integrated with existing process of sales solution. Sales Stallion has loaded with a collection of features like creating an electronic signature for sales, activity tracking, sending the quotation online, etc.

This App's Goals:

  • Highly-intuitive with proper positioning of different functions to enables anyone to learn accessing application without technical knowledge.  
  • This application controls everything related to sales, whether it is invoices or quotes. It streamlines sales process, controls sales team, & manages daily sales activities to bring more productivity.  
  • Opens doors for more progress by developing a long-term return involvement. Maintain high-level of communication with customers and always welcomes their feedback. 
  • It delivers a kanban view of all the activities to make sure that every activity is running as per defined process. Its sales module is extensible with features on user’s requirements.  
  • High-quality report generation option to maintain 100% transparency 
  • Option available for forecast sales with simple and easy-to-use forecasting tools. It also enables to develop future plans for purchase and sales.   
  • It enables to send quotes online to customers to get project or the order. It keeps track project’s progress and can save in PDF format for portability.
  • Interestingly, electronic signature feature is available to manage quotations and important papers and convert them into sales. 
  • Multi-lingual option available to clients around the world. 
  • Users can generate multiple price-lists instantly to serve clients and create more sales opportunities for themselves. 
  • Report generation features to build 100% accurate reports that represent working environment and its particulars. Customer behavior reports also can be developed for enhancing the sales process.

Download Sales Stallion to track and manage your sales activities whenever you go. This android app has many features like sending the quotation online, electronic signature, report generation, etc.